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Fostering a Love for the Outdoors / Creating a Sense of Community / Developing Leadership and Life Skills!!


50 Winding Trails Drive, Farmington, CT 06032

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Fostering a Love for the Outdoors / Creating a Sense of Community / Developing Leadership and Life Skills


50 Winding Trails Drive, Farmington, CT 06032

Swim Lessons


April 14, 2021

We are happy to inform you that we are going to be able to offer swim lessons this summer! Per CDC and sector guidelines regarding COVID-19, class size will be limited to four students per class. Our staff will be following all recommended CDC guidelines. We will be focusing on the Red Cross swim levels that provide the most water safety instruction, therefore we will not be offering a level 6 (Lifeguard Readiness) class this summer. 

The Preschool swim level will be for all beginner swimmers, ages 3 & 4- select Preschool A for these lessons (there are no Preschool B classes, since they have been combined).

All lessons are every day, Monday through Friday, for the session dates. 

Right now we don’t have a definite answer if swim lessons will be offered at camp, so to be safe you may want to register for member lessons. You can always cancel them later, if we are able to offer lessons at camp. 

If you are unsure what swim level your child should be in, please contact us so we can help you. 

We keep wait lists for all full classes & programs. If you would like to be added to the wait list for a full class, please email


Please check back again later.

2022 Schedule

Please check back again later.

Swim Levels

Preschool A

Fundamentals of water safety, introduction to basic water skills such as floating, blowing bubbles, submerging and jumping (all without assistance). Incorporation of games allows children to both respect and enjoy the water.
Minimum Age: 3

Preschool B

Builds off of the skills learned in Preschool A, while incorporating those learned in Level 1. Submersion is a major focus of this level, along with gaining more independence in the water.
Minimum Age: 4

Level 1

Students are introduced to fully submerging, floating, and jumping in deeper water and stroke development basics while incorporating games to assist the learning process.
Minimum Age: 5

Level 2

Should enter the level able to jump in water over their head with a noodle. Learning floats, glides, treading, and front and back crawl are the main focus of this level. Some time is spent in deep water learning to jump without any aids or supports.
Minimum Age: 5

Level 3

Students should be comfortable swimming in deep water. They begin diving and primary focus in on rotary breathing and refinement of front and back crawl, along with building endurance up to 15 meters (45 feet). The kicks for the 4 remaining strokes are also introduced in this level (sidestroke, breaststroke, butterfly, elementary backstroke).

Level 4

Lap swimming is introduced along with the arms of the remaining 4 strokes (sidestroke, breaststroke, butterfly, elementary backstroke). Some refinement follows introduction along with advancement of dives and endurance.

Level 5

Strong endurance and only slight refinement of strokes remaining is required for entry into this level. Stamina, stroke perfection, and flip turns are fundamentals learned throughout the session.

Level 6

Strictly Fitness Swimming/Lifeguard Readiness. Student should need little to no correction on stroke performance. Class builds upon swimming strokes with ease, efficiency, power, and smoothness over greater distances. Student should be comfortable swimming laps for a 35 minute time span.

Red Level

Entering Preschool or Level 1 in summer 2022. Introductory aquatic skills such as blowing bubbles, floating with assistance, and retrieving objects from the bottom will be covered along with safety and games. (children, regardless of age, need to be comfortable separating from their parent the entire lesson and able to follow directions).
Minimum Age: 3

Yellow Level

Entering Level 2 or 3 in summer 2022 Students should need no assistance in submerging and capable of jumping into deep water. Independently floating, swimming, and diving will be the main focus along with stroke work on front crawl and backstroke.
Minimum Age: 5

Green Level

Entering Level 4 or 5 in summer 2022 Students should have passed Level 3 and/or already contain the ability to dive, perform front crawl with rotary breathing, backstroke, and be comfortable swimming multiple lengths (25yds) in water 6ft or more deep. Stroke refinement along with the introduction of breaststroke, butterfly, and advanced diving techniques will be learned.
Minimum Age: 8

Blue Level

Entering Level 5 or 6 in summer 2022 Children entering "blue" lessons should be mature, proficient swimmers who have little refinement left on all their strokes. Knowledge and execution of all strokes should already be excellent at this point. Mastery techniques and endurance will be the main focus, eventually ending the week with a 500yd swim.
Minimum Age: 10

Swim Lesson Policies

  • Only Members are allowed to register for swim lessons and sailing/boating lessons.
  • The Winding Trails' swim program runs according to the American Red Cross standards for swim lessons.
  • The prerequisite for each level is successful demonstration of skills from the preceding level, except for Level I, which has no prerequisite. Each level of Learn-to-Swim also includes training in basic water safety.
  • Winding Trails offers six comprehensive course levels and two preschool levels that teach participants how to swim skillfully and safely.
  • Before choosing a level, take each swimmers ability into consideration. It is imperative that you sign up for the correct level at the time of sign up so that he/she is not bumped from a class.
  • Swimming skills are acquired at different rates by individuals and presented differently by each instructor.
  • Progression is at the swimmers own pace. Some will move quickly at first while others progress more slowly. We keep the entire learning process as much fun as possible.
  • Safety, health and self-esteem are important to us. Please let swimmers advance at their own pace.
  • Classes will be held rain or shine. If the weather prevents us from getting in the water, there will be other activities available for your child. Keep in mind that in the event of a thunderstorm we have limited space for coverage. Please use your discretion.
  • Registration is required by 3 days before the session starts. Register early, space is limited.



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