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Fostering a Love for the Outdoors / Creating a Sense of Community / Developing Leadership and Life Skills!!


50 Winding Trails Drive, Farmington, CT 06032

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Fostering a Love for the Outdoors / Creating a Sense of Community / Developing Leadership and Life Skills


50 Winding Trails Drive, Farmington, CT 06032

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Medical Information

All campers are required to have a current physical and immunization record on file in order to attend camp. Our medical form can be found here: Medical Form 2022. We can also accept any equivalent form completed by a physician.

Expectations for Camp

Camp is where campers canoe and swim, make fires and friends, try archery and outdoor adventure, and explore drama and the arts. But Camp is much more than that. Campers and counselors work together,learn new skills, and build an honest, caring and respectful community where all individuals grow. It is this strong sense of community that translates into an unparalleled loyalty and fondness for Winding Trails, among counselors and campers alike.

The heart of our programs has much to do with stretching to meet mental and physical challenges, gaining confidence and becoming skilled at teamwork. Our programs incorporate the natural surroundings and require a can-do attitude, cooperation and age appropriate independence.

Active and successful participation in the day camp experience at Winding Trails entails the ability to independently, safely and cooperatively:

• Cooperate with similarly aged campers in a unit, and take part in the social and play time of the unit.

• Exhibit suitable behavior without needing more than the usual amount of individual attention.

• Be responsible for personal care, and individual health and safety.

• Follow a varied individual and group activity schedule, that is age appropriate with graduated skill development.

• Maneuver rugged terrain and distances between activities that are part of the natural surroundings.

• Understand and respond to group instruction for most of the activities offered at Camp.

• Act appropriately in case of an emergency.

• Contribute positively to the overall spirit of the Camp community.

Winding Trails Summer Day Camp endeavors to arrange reasonable accommodations to make Camp accessible while preserving the rustic facilities, natural surroundings and a quality camping experience for all.

Lunch / Food Policy / Allergies

What to Bring / Wear to Camp

Throughout the summer, the opportunity may present itself that your child’s picture may be taken for the newspaper or other publicity reasons. It will be assumed that the parent condones this practice unless a written note stating otherwise is received prior to camp beginning.

Swimming at Winding Trails

Hot Days of Summer

We take every precaution to keep your children cool and comfortable during heat waves. As you know, your child’s safety and well-being are our number one concern.
Campers will continue to swim two times a day. We also have sprinklers set up all around the camp and new this year: the camper car wash will be in full use.
Counselors will ensure that their campers are taking frequent drinks at the drinking fountains. Please be sure to send your child to camp well hydrated and have a conversation with them on the importance of drinking water throughout the day.
In addition, during the heat, counselors will move physical activities to shaded areas during the day. As the heat builds, sports, etc. will be replaced by games of drip-drip splash, as well as other non-strenuous activities in the shade.

Rainy Days at Camp 

We will run camp as normal as possible on rainy days and campers will most likely get wet, please provide a raincoat on these days. Most activities will run as planned but some may be altered to make sure the activity remains safe. Free swim and swim lessons will still take place unles thunder and lighting is in the area and in that case will be replaced by on land under cover water safety talks. If the rain persits throughout the day a rainy day schedule may be implemented which may keep campers under cover while specialists and lifeguards rotate to the campers with fun alternative games. As you know, your child’s safety and well-being are our number one concern.

Inclement Weather

In the event of weather that forces us to change our schedule and head indoors we will provide shelter in several buildings around camp. Campers and Counselors will be sent to Garmany Hall, Nature’s Porch, and the Camp Office Building that has 4 inside rooms available for units to be placed. The camp counselors, specialists and lifeguards will keep the campers active with fun games, songs, dancing and board games until the weather has passed. While we understand the need to have your children with you during inclement weather circumstances we can assure you that your campers are safe while at camp and would encourage you not to try and pick up during this time if at all possible.

First Aid & Camp Nurse

Friend Requests

We do our best to accommodate one friend request per camper per season. Please put your friend request in writing to the camp office no later than April 1st as groups are finalized in early April. Friend requests are accepted but are not guaranteed. Friend requests must be mutual and exclusive, meaning the two campers must each request each other and only in pairs, we do not allow multiple pairs of campers to be joined into groups.



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Winding Trails

50 Winding Trails Drive, Farmington, CT 06032

Phone 860.677.8458

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Winding Trails, Inc. is a non-profit organization serving people from Farmington and surrounding communities, providing year round recreational and educational activities for the enjoyment and growth of families and individuals of all ages. Winding Trails is dedicated to the conservation and stewardship of the natural woodlands and waterways that allow outdoor programming, character development, and other activities that strengthen the lives of those we serve.